Thompson Cigar Coupon Code 2013 – Save 20% On Thompson Cigars

Thompson Cigar Coupon Code - 20% OffWelcome to your source for Thompson Cigar coupon code listings, where we work tirelessly to save you as much money as possible on Thompson Cigars. With discounts up to 20%, our coupon codes will save you money on Thompson Cigar’s already-low prices.

Be sure to check out our main Thompson Cigar coupon code page for the best possible discounts on all the best cigar brands, including Gurkha, Acid, Swisher Sweets, CAO, Cohiba, and more. With thousands of options always in stock, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at prices that make sense. When using a Thompson Cigar discount code, it’s dirt simple to save cash on whatever tobacco product has piqued your interest.

$10 Off $100 OR $25 Off $200

Take $10 off of any order over $100 at, or $25 off any order of $200 or more
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expires 12/05/2015

Take 20% Off Entire Order

Take 20% off your entire Thompon Cigar order
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expires 11/25/2015

About Coupon Codes

Ever since Thompson Cigar was founded in 1915, they have been providing the highest quality tobacco products at excellent prices. Starting out as a mail order cigar company, they were able to secure the very first Postal Permit in Tampa, Florida. The wide variety of cigars and ease of ordering has made Thompson one of the top mail order cigar distributors in the United States, and in fact, they are the oldest company of the genre.

When they first made the jump to the online world in 1999, Thompson Cigar registered a number of sites including and They began issuing coupon codes for people to save additional money and make their visitors become loyal and regular customers.

Thompson Cigar Quality and Service Guarantee

Thompson Cigar operates the largest humidor in the entire country. It measures in at 300,000 cubic feet, so you can be assured that the cigars are stored in optimum conditions and not in some dry, overheated warehouse.

However, if you ever do have a problem with any order you purchase using a Thompson Cigar coupon, you have nothing to fear. You are guaranteed a full 30-day refund on all orders, so any unfortunate shipments can be returned easily without having to go through a long RMA process. Overall, reviews of are positive, so in most cases, you won’t ever even need to learn about the customer service department.

Thompson has over 200 employees at its call center, so if you ever need to call them directly, you can speak to a real human being and not have to leave a message that never gets returned. This level of customer care is unmatched in the industry, and if you order a box of cigars and smoke only one of them, you can be fully refunded for the box if you are displeased with the quality. Coupon Code – Thumbs Up

We have nothing but positive things to say about, and our coupon code resources will help you save up to an additional 20% on premium, name brand cigars. We hope you enjoy the resources available here at, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have when using our Thompson Cigar coupon code. We are constantly updating this site, so check back frequently for the best offers and deals.

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