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So you need a Thompson Cigar coupon code to save you up to 20% off of premium, name-brand cigars from Great news – we have them! Bookmark us for the latest coupon codes and promo codes available from Thompson Cigar, and we’ll be sure to update this page frequently.

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Thompson Cigar Coupon Code For 2013

Thompson CigarsThe list of coupons above should be fully complete and display all of the available and valid coupon codes for use at We at are always on the lookout for the best deals on cigars and tobacco products from Thompson Cigar. All of these promo codes should be valid in 2013, so you’ll be sure to get the best possible discount available when buying your cigars and tobacco accessories.

If you ever come across a code that isn’t working properly, sure sure to click “No” on the coupon, and leave us a comment below. We’ll do our best to update the links and get a valid discount code working for you as quickly as possible. We strive for quality, and if you’re shopping at Thompson Cigar, we know you expect the best as well.

Cigars Available From

Thompson Cigar BoxOne of the top-rated cigars available from the website is the Rocky Patel Edge Maduro Toro, which is my personal favorite. This extremely bold cigar was actually released with the tagline, “Smoke while sitting down.” The flavor is very intense, and many inexperienced cigar smokers will be overwhelmed with the intensity of the smoke. The Edge Maduro Toro is intended for experienced smokers only and should not be the first choice for someone who’s never had a cigar before.

Another of the best sellers that is quite popular and on the opposite end of the experience scale is the Acid Kuba Kuba. Acid cigars feature flavor-infused wrappers, so they tend to appeal to a wider audience than some of the harsher smokes. The Kuba Kuba has been described as “like smoking candy” by many of my friends. I’ll admit to enjoying one of these cigars from time to time, but many of the hard-core old-timers will scoff at any infused cigars. But, hey, the entire point of these products is to enjoy them and to relax, so why not partake in something that’s flavorful and tasty on the lips?

Another of my personal favorites that’s also available from is the Montecristo Platinum Robusto Sumatra. This medium-bodied cigar has a fairly mild, yet still potent smoke that is very easy to enjoy and share with friends. It’s a great everyday cigar produced in the Dominican Republic and measures in at 5×50. Very few of my friends have ever expressed displeasure when smoking this, and they often eagerly accept a second one when given the opportunity.

Cigar Accessories Also Available At Thompson Cigar

Thompson Cigar AccessoriesNot only does have an absolutely massive stock of hand-rolled, premium cigars, they also feature a huge number of accessories which are crucial for any self-labeled cigar aficionado. They carry everything from cutters to humidors, lighters, punches, and even equipment and supplies that you can use to roll your own cigars.

If you’re debating between getting a punch and a cutter, remember that it’s actually a good idea to have both. One great option is the Xikar MTX Multi-Tool, which contains enough gadgets to get the best draw out of any cigar shape. A Torpedo or Belicoso style cigar will usually require a cutter to chop off the very tip, while a Maduro or Connecticut style will often get the best draws from a simple punch tool.

As to the humidor selection, there are quite a few from which to choose. The Davidoff series consistently earns rave reviews, but some of the newer electronic humidors are becoming must-have accessories for the home enthusiast. I’ve been somewhat happy with my cheap oak humidor that I acquired with my very first online cigar purchase, but I’ve found that it doesn’t do a great job of keeping everything at the right humidity when it’s fairly full. It might be time for an upgrade.

The lighter selection at Thompson Cigar is simply enormous. Just when you think you’ve seen every possible way to create a rich, blue flame, you stumble across something like the Rocky Patel Diplomat 5 Flame Lighter. I thought my single-flame Xikar was fairly decent until I recently purchased a 3-flame model. Now, there’s a 5-flame out? Well, I suppose it’s time to upgrade that as well…

Thompson Cigar Outlet

Thompson Cigar OutletDon’t forget to check out the Outlet section of the site. This area features some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere on closeout cigars and accessories. The Thompson Cigar Outlet is a great place to find hugely-discounted deals on just about any type of cigar that interests you. Even if you’ve never heard of the brand, it’s tough to pass up such low prices. You never know when you might stumble across a new favorite.

There’s also an entire subsection dedicated to flavored cigars. So, if you’re into the infused or flavored variety, don’t miss that space. The selection will vary over time, but you can often find the Bahama Mamas and Principe Deluxe brands.

History of Thompson Cigar

Thompson started out as a mail order company in Key West, Florida nearly a century ago in 1915. In 1920, they made the decision to move their headquarters to Tampa. Over time, they became one of the largest mail order cigar companies in the world, and they currently maintain the largest humidor in all of the United States, measuring in at over 8,500 cubic meters. is the oldest mail order company in the world that specializes in cigars. They have been able to maintain their business due to the fact that they generally offer the highest quality cigars at the best prices you can find, anywhere. Since their humidor is so large and properly maintained, they always have the freshest stock.

In 1960, Robert Franzblau purchased Thompson Cigar and began a period of rapid expansion. Cementing the corporate headquarters in Tampa, he continued to grow the operation until they serviced the entire country on a regular basis.

Today, there are two Thompson Cigar outlet stores in Tampa, Florida, and the company owns several websites including The site receives over 160,000 visits every single month, and it claims to have served over half a million customers.

Recent Expansion Of

In 2009, announced that the site would be incorporating a new eCommerce platform known as Fry. This software would allow for all of Thompson Group’s multiple companies (not all in the tobacco industry) to share a common backend software solution and allow for expansion of the online retail presence.

Since that transition, Thompson Cigar announced that they have noticed an uptick in the number of visitors and an increase in the order size for the average customer. They also saw a decline in the number of shopping carts that were left open without completing a purchase.

Thompson Cigar Print Catalog

Since the inception of the mail order business in 1915, Thompson has provided a printed catalog for customers to peruse and shop. The catalog business still continues today. The average length is 72 pages, and it provides all of the latest brands in the cigar industry, including Gurkha, Cohiba, Acid, CAO, Rocky Patel, Oliva, and many more.

When you sign up as a member at, you may automatically begin receiving the printed catalog in the mail with full color photos of all of the premium cigars that are offered from the site. You’ll be able to purchase any tobacco product or accessory either online or on the phone. However, phone orders aren’t capable of applying any online-only Thompson Cigar coupon code.

Thompson Cigar Coupon Code Updates

Again, I encourage you to bookmark this page and check back here often, as we regularly update our Thompson Cigar coupon code listings. If any of the codes aren’t giving you a proper discount, please be sure to let us know. We here at are committed to providing quality information on discount cigars, so we want to make sure that our visitors are able to find exactly what they want.

If you’re interested in knowing more about any of the products available from, please leave us a comment below, and we’ll be happy to sample any product and write a full review for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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